I am very happy with my Volume Pills purchase!

In the last year I have spent hundreds on stuff that doesn’t work. I didn’t want to use  either. Anyways, as a 46 year old man I am thankful I found the Volume Pills as they are working for me! I would be lucky if I got an ion once a week in the past View Full →

It’s working great for me. Powerful stuff.

They say to take 2 tablets per day and a box lasts 30 days but I’ve been taking just 1 tablet per day and can really feel it working. This was they last twice as long and still work. I should probably say thanks on behalf of my girlfriend as she’s the one getting all View Full →

the volume pills work good!!!

Yeah these pills take a while to get to work. For me I really felt a difference after 5 days which isn’t that long I guess. But now I can feel them working I’m really impressed with how things are going. My s feel better, I  more and I do get harder more often and View Full →

Wish I tried it sooner!

Why I didn’t start using this sooner? I am very happy with my results so far. I  more and get hard every day? That’s all I really wanted and the Volume Pills delivered on that front!

1.84 INCHES! Amazing

So, the good news is that over the course of 6 months using the Penimaster Pro I’ve added 1.84 inches to my length and I also added some nice girth and used the Hydromax pump too which I think is better for girth. It’s a good tool though and it worked better than I thought View Full →

Finally a satisfied wife!!

If you are looking for the best device to make your  bigger then buy the Peni Master Pro and just wear it and don’t look back. Give it 6 months to a year to do its thing and you’ll be shocked. Since using this I’ve gained length and girth and a much more satisfied wife!

1.5cm in growth

I use the belt at night and the rods for a few hours during the day. I’m now 1.5 cm longer than when I started too.

Loving it so far!

I had to throw my old extender away because it was just unusable because the noose really hurt. But dude, this penimaster pro is so much more comfortable. I was a little worried at first because it’s quite expensive but now that I’ve tried it I’m happy that I can wear it for hours with View Full →

Getting bigger!

I prefer the rods to the strap. I also noticed that you could tie a weight to the ball if you wanted instead of using the rods or strap you could do hanging. But I mostly just use the rods. But yeah it works really good and I’m getting bigger.

Over 1″ gained in length

Here’s my routine. First thing, when I shower I do 200 jelqs then I wear the PenimasterPro for 4 hours then take a 1 hour break then wear it for another 4 hours then take a one hour break and wear it until bed. I take every 5th day off and now I’ve gained over View Full →